RestARTing Women through Mentorship

What is Ment-Net?

Ment-Net provides a solution to the lack of confidence and skills that women entrepreneurs in the arts and creative industry have. The platform simplifies the user’s interaction and enables women to build a larger network. The network will be a hub for restarting women entrepreneurs while also providing opportunities for exchange (mentor-mentee, mentee-mentee, mentor-mentor) and training opportunities and tools for mentors that help enhance their mentoring ability to address the unique needs of restarting women entrepreneurs.


  • • Matching Functionality: Advanced matching function that pairs trained mentors with mentees based on their specific needs, goals, and areas of interest.

• Mentoring Toolkit: Access to a comprehensive toolkit equipped with mentoring instruments, resources, and best practices.

• Training Section for Mentors: Dedicated training section to enhance mentors’ mentoring abilities and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to address the unique needs of second-chance female entrepreneurs.

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