FH Münster University of Applied Sciences - Germany

FH Münster University of Applied Sciences (FH Münster), founded in 1971, has developed into a modern, achievement-oriented university, highly respected across Europe. The university has approximately 10,000 students and is one of the biggest institutions of its kind in Germany. Its 400 staff members, 250 teaching staff, and over 50 courses of study provide a wide range of high-quality education to its students, benefiting greatly the local and national economy. FH Münster prides itself on producing students of the highest calibre, prepared once they leave university to go into the world of work and become instrumental in many organisations. With a multidisciplinary approach, it qualifies people for life in the global market and imparts an adaptive understanding of the changing world, especially with regards to digital innovations, practice-oriented curriculum and emphasis on inclusive education approaches. In 2007, FH Münster was awarded as one of the Top 5 Universities for university-industry knowledge exchange by the German Ministry of Education and Research. In 2019, FH Münster has been selected in a national programme for universities as an entrepreneurial university (EXIST Gründerhochschule) and was funded 1.5 million Euros. The strong ties between education and industry allow FH Münster to be proactive in its education curriculum, adapting to the needs of the sectors by preparing students for the working world in a real and impactful way. Residing within FH Münster, the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre (S2BMRC) is recognised world-wide for its approach to Science-to-Business Marketing and the development of more entrepreneurial and engaged universities. The centre has +25 team members and researchers who have profound knowledge and expertise in developing models and tools in entrepreneurship, university-business cooperation, social innovation and technology transfer. The S2BMRC is the academic driving force behind the development of entrepreneurship and engagement within FH Münster. Innovative in nature and passionate about collaboration, FH Münster is a strong project partner bringing along years of experience in project work and research expertise and insights along with an extensive network.