RestART Europe Project proudly presents project result 3 (PR4): Handbook for the RestART Mentors Toolkit



PR4 is composed of an online capacity-building program for mentors featuring a variety of courses on different topics (identified through the Analysis performed in PR1) and a comprehensive Handbook to teach and train the mentors on how to use the Toolkit (PR3)

The need for the Handbook and capacity building program is justified in the required onboarding and upskilling of the target group before using the Toolkit.



The decision tree for the RestART Toolkit is a valuable tool for mentors, offering structured guidance through a series of questions and options to help identify specific mentoring needs and objectives. By asking targeted questions about goals, communication preferences, and skill development, the decision tree provides customised recommendations for mentoring strategies and resources. It enables mentors to allocate their time and effort effectively, ensuring they invest in activities directly contributing to their mentees’ growth and development. Overall, the decision tree promotes continuous improvement and empowers mentors to optimise their approach for a more impactful mentorship experience.

Target group

The general design of the program follows a collaborative approach that will enable mentors to learn online and interacting with peers, which will foster social negotiation and group learning, next to knowledge acquisition through online material.

The main target group includes all potential mentors, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial graduate students from project partners universities, company leaders, and their representatives, who wish to offer their knowledge as mentors but need to enhance their skills.


The solution to address the need and positively impact the target group is to develop an online mentor training program that aims the creation of diverse online courses, in specific topics, which will be established according to foundational knowledge, European relevance, and status quo of restarting women entrepreneurs (PR1).

The first PR4 deliverable will take the form of a Handbook, containing all the guides and instructions relevant to understand the optimal way to use the Toolkit (PR3). It will also be freely available on the project’s website and on the online platform Ment-Net.

The second deliverable will be the Online Mentor Training Program, where mentors can find a variety of online courses that can be chosen according to the mentors’ needs and interests.