ACEEU GmbH - Germany


An affiliate of ENQA and a full-fledged member of INQAAHE, ACEEU is an international quality assurance body dedicated to advancing higher education by supporting universities in their transformation process towards becoming more entrepreneurial and engaged. With the ultimate goal of fostering the creation of greater social, economic and cultural impacts by universities, ACEEU has successfully accredited institutions in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia through its two main accreditation programs: Institutional Accreditation and Divisional Accreditation.

Aiming to create a pathway towards recognized excellence in entrepreneurship and engagement for universities, ACEEU’s activities are clustered around three main steps: (1) promoting, (2) evaluating, and (3) celebrating excellence.

• Promoting excellence (e.g., workshops and webinars; ACEEU Toolbox development with 100+ tools and Good Practice database with 300+ cases; studies to generate data serving for university development)
• Evaluating excellence (our accreditation programs)
• Celebrating excellence (e.g., hosting the ACEEU’s Triple E Awards on Entrepreneurship and Engagement Excellence in Higher Education and the annual Stakeholders Forum; operating The Global League of Entrepreneurial Universities platform showcasing leading universities disseminating information on entrepreneurial and engagement development in higher education).

Founded in 2016 as part of the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, ACEEU spun out of UIIN in 2019 to form an independent organization, and moved its headquarters to Muenster in Germany. ACEEU has 11 staff members and is backed by a 40+ person strong Council comprised of international experts.