The RestART Mentor's Toolkit

PR3 is composed of a collection of instruments and best practices (toolkit) that will help to strengthen the skills and capacities of mentors and provide them with the right means to impact and support female entrepreneurs through mentoring. To achieve PR3, the PR leader will set up the Toolkit guidelines, and the consortium will

    1. identify and describe instruments and best practices to mentor second-chance female entrepreneurs,
    2. structure these instruments and best practices in a comprehensive map plotting way for mentors to contribute to second-chance female entrepreneurs’ impact
    3. develop a self- evaluation tool for mentors to ascertain skill improvement opportunities and to match them with the suitable tools to exploit them.

The need for the RestART Mentor’s Toolkit arises from the lack of tools for mentors that equip them with training material to support the development of mentoring programs/activity for second-chance female entrepreneurs, especially from a psychological perspective.

Target group

The target group includes all potential mentors (i.e., entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, professionals, and others), who wish to offer their knowledge, expertise and experiences as mentors but need to enhance their (methodological) skills, or knowledge.


The solution will be a visual map in which mentors can look up alternative instruments and best practices to support and develop properly mentoring programs/activity for second-chance female entrepreneurs (e.g., emotional support, stress management, second chances, business in arts and creative industries, among others). The Toolkit will contain three main elements:

    1. Toolkit structure
    2. Toolkit instruments and best practices
    3. Toolkit self-evaluation instrument for the mentors.